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ProductsPneumatic Transporters for Foundry

Pneumatic Transporters

WESMAN PNEUMATIC TRANSPORTERS are dense-phase pneumatic conveying systems which, by virtue of their unique design, can transport sand or other bulk free flowing materials in a dense mass at low velocity without the aid of boosters.


The WPT uses a pneumatically sealed dome valve which is proven to be the most reliable and easily maintained air-tight valve available on today's market. The PLC-operated control panel monitors any number or capacity of reception hoppers and automatically maintains them in topped-up condition with the help of level probes. Reception hopper automatic filter cleaning may also be incorporated into the system control.


»Uses air pressure to move sand or granular materials through pipes
»Transports reclaimed sand, new dried sand, coal dust or bentonite to multiple points
»Free standing unit makes installation, inspection and maintenance simple
»Less wear on fittings with special design bends
»Requires less air pressure and no boosters along pipeline

The vessel is free standing and requires no special foundation. Three legs of the vessel are placed in pockets and bolted. Piping for the pneumatic transporter system is standard medium thickness class-C ERW pipe. Specially designed bend fittings allow material to move through 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees without the high wear rate of long radius bends. Custom bend angles can also be ordered.


A surge hopper sits directly above the transporter vessel. The feed hopper capacity is at least 1-1/2 times that of the pressure vessel. The feed hopper may not be necessary if the vessel is located below a bulk silo.


The WPT design is capable of loading multiple hoppers within the total transportation length. The customer should specify the number of hoppers to ensure supply of correct quantities of additional solenoid operated branch valves and level probes for each hopper.


A dust arrestor is recommended to be installed with the pneumatic sand transporter to prevent fines or dust that arise during sand transportation. A cartridge-type dust arrestor can be installed at the top of the bunker. The appropriate size of the dust arrestor is determined based on the size of bunker and transporter.